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Alyssa Yaguda

Mar 16 2023
Herbs & Rye

Date of Visit:
Jan 10 2023

3713 W Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102




Herbs & Rye is an off-strip destination worth visiting.

Herbs & Rye
Pictured: Steak Asparagus and Mushrooms

There is no shortage of places to eat as a tourist in Las Vegas. The strip has enough restaurants to satisfy you for weeks (or more), and encompasses everything from fast-food to Michelin-starred, world-renown cuisine. It is easy to spend several days without even leaving one hotel, let alone venturing off Las Vegas Blvd. But I’m a sucker for good food, and I’ll often travel off the beaten path for the promise of something tasty – especially when that place comes with the repeated warning, “don’t judge it by the outside.” 

A 15-minute ride from our hotel left us in the parking lot of Herbs & Rye, which does appear from the outside like nothing special. A large, warehouse-like building with the restaurant name and a red door with “Gaming-Drinks-Food” plastered in yellow above it, Herbs & Rye would be easy to dismiss and easier still to miss altogether. But walking through that red door transports you to someplace else entirely – a dimly lit, bustling steakhouse with a speakeasy vibe and dark, wood-paneled walls lined in the entrance by frames containing impressive accolades. The back-lit bar is the centerpiece of, and literally the brightest spot in, the restaurant, which is known for its extensive and exciting cocktail menu. And even on a Tuesday night in January, the place is packed – an hour and a half wait for a table and patrons lined up to sneak into the first-come, first-served bar stools. 

Luckily, we had a reservation and waited only a few minutes before being seated in a booth in front of the bar. Despite the crowd, we were greeted almost immediately with menus, which were opened to reveal the intricate and lengthy cocktail offerings. Covering two oversized pages and categorized by era, the list of historic cocktails includes not only each name and description but a short history about the libation in question. The waiter was very knowledgeable about all the listed drinks, as it can be an overwhelming choice, and was also more than happy to recommend drinks based off of our usual tastes. 

We decided to start with a Moscow mule and a Vieux Carré before ordering the shrimp cocktail appetizer. As promised, both drinks were excellent. The classic mule had a zesty ginger beer and a refreshing flavor. The Vieux Carré could be likened to a lighter, sweeter old-fashioned and made for easy drinking with our meal. When our shrimp cocktail arrived, we were pleased to discover that they were large, plump, and juicy shrimp. Paired with a perfectly spicy house cocktail sauce, this classic appetizer was an easy win.

Herbs & Rye
Pictured: Bar

For our main dish, we both ordered a filet mignon – one seared in the house balsamic butter and one with a blue cheese crust. Sides are served family-style, and we opted for sauteed asparagus and button mushrooms to accompany our steaks. Both filets were served exactly as ordered. The traditional butter-seared steak was delicious, but the blue cheese crust is the real champion here. Piled on top of the steak, it was served delicately charred on top and slightly melty, and was proportioned perfectly so as not to overwhelm the meat itself.  The thick stalks of asparagus were sauteed to a crisp bite and the button mushrooms were tender and seasoned with fresh parsley, two traditional spot-on steakhouse sides. 

After dinner, we decided to try two more of the house cocktails and went with a Pimm’s Cup and the Aviation. The Pimm’s Cup is a fruity, summery cocktail that drinks easily. The Aviation is a bit more intense, with an herbal flavor that comes through loud and clear. While we enjoyed our meal at the table, we were able to watch as the bartenders performed their craft, mixing colorful concoctions at lightning speed – an experience unto itself. 

If you don’t leave the strip for anything else, make a point to get out to Herbs & Rye. Another huge draw? Their food happy hour runs all day, providing half-off their steaks and several other menu items (these can be found by looking for the starred dishes). It is loud and busy with dim lighting, so this is a great spot to enjoy with friends or a date, but perhaps reconsider having a business dinner here. And come with a reservation – or be prepared to wait your turn!