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Mandi Mikasa

Jan 19 2022
Tuscan Son

Date of Visit:
Jun 18 2022

10700 Santa Monica Blvd #150, Los Angeles, CA 90025





Tuscan Son is where you can get farm-to-table authentic Italian cuisine for every meal and every occasion.

Tuscan Son
Pictured: Interior

While researching where to take my aunt for her birthday lunch, we had to be very careful in choosing the right spot. She is an avid foodie and has been to most places in Westwood. However, we lucked out on finding a spot she had been eyeing for a while: Tuscan Son on Santa Monica Boulevard. Across from the gorgeous Los Angeles California Temple, Tuscan Son offers both indoor and outdoor seating and is an adorable cafe storefront.  

Upon walking into Tuscan Son, we were met by the delicious smell of baked goods and fresh bread, as well as the clinking of forks to dishes from all the diners enjoying their meals. It is an order at the counter and then find a table kind of cafe, so we did exactly that. We were all in the mood for breakfast foods even though it was closer to lunch hour. We also noticed a lot of pickup orders, which is another feature of the cafe. Something unique about this restaurant is that all the ingredients are fresh from the farm to table. The inside decor matches that vibe as well.

Tuscan Son
Pictured: Italian Scramble and Vanilla Latte

I ordered an iced vanilla latte and the Italian scramble. This dish consisted of eggs, roasted broccoli, avocado, mozzarella, and basil. The iced vanilla latte was the perfect in-between of sweet from the vanilla and strong from the coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker anymore, but this was a really good latte, and I would definitely order it again! The Italian scramble was a substantial portion and came with two pieces of toasted ciabatta as well as a side of rosemary roasted golden potatoes. Everything tasted extremely fresh and was full of flavor. I used ketchup and Cholula for the potatoes, and they were delicious! 

Tuscan Son
Pictured: Tuscan Ranchero

My cousin ordered the Tuscan “ranchero,” which contained eggs, mozzarella, and basil braised in tomato sauce with avocado and roasted jalapeño. Hers also came with two pieces of toast and potatoes. She said her dish had a natural kick to it, but she opted to add even more hot sauce to it.  

My mom got the garden frittata, which consisted of spinach, mushroom, tomato, onion, peppers, basil, and fresh mozzarella. She said the natural flavor of all the ingredients made it very evident how fresh everything was, truly fitting the aspect of farm to table. The eggs were particularly so fresh and whole.  

Lastly, my aunt ordered the breakfast panino, which consisted of an egg over medium with avocado, arugula, a slow-roasted tomato, and Italian ham all on a brioche bun. Her dish was certainly the most eye-catching because of how stuffed the sandwich was, and she could not even finish it all because it was packed with so much. Just like the previous dishes, she said her dish was so fresh and the quality was evident in each bite of the sandwich.  

We also got to try some of the pastries for a little post-brunch dessert: the apple and blueberry turnovers, as well as the wedding cookie. The pastry chef is in-house and makes them fresh daily, and this was made obvious by the quality of each pastry. The flakiness of the turnovers and the way the powder was absorbed into the wedding cookie dough were perfection!

Tuscan Son
Pictured: Breakfast Panino

The staff at Tuscan Son was very busy dealing with pickup orders, cleaning off tables for new parties coming in, and making sure all customers had what they needed. The service was pretty decent, but honestly, not as fast as I would assume, considering it is cafe-style. I definitely gave them some slack though because of how busy it was. Besides, we enjoyed each other’s company, talking, and admiring the interior decor.  

I absolutely want to go back to Tuscan Son to try some items off their dinner menu. Some salads ordered by other people, such as the chopped and the steak arugula, caught my eye. Several of the pasta dishes also looked intriguing, like the truffle mac and cheese and the pasta shrimp and vodka. I imagine all their side dishes are delicious and fresh too, like the braised cauliflower and the green lentils. They even have a keto/low carb menu, which is something truly appealing to L.A. diners and distinguishes this restaurant from other Italian restaurants. Overall, this is a great spot for all meals of the day, for dine-in or pickup, and to have a clean, delicious meal!