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SAVORY EXPLORES: 6 Best Vegan Restaurants in Phoenix

Julie Diebolt Price Headshot

Julie Diebolt Price

Feb 23 2024
My hometown is just outside Phoenix. In Goodyear, a relatively new community with many retiree residents, dedicated vegan and vegetarian restaurants are rare. Many chains offer vegan dining menu items. Still, I want to be careful about additives in the ingredients that would make it less than optional for a genuine vegan or clean-eating experience. In the WalletHub report of Top 20 Cities for Vegans, Phoenix, Arizona, came in 5th of the best and cheapest places to follow a plant-based diet. Thus, my research called for a visit to Downtown Phoenix, with several authentic vegan dining options. Most vegan restaurants in Phoenix are within a short distance of each other in or near the Arts District downtown.


Earth, Crazy Shrimp Tacos, Vegan, Phoenix
Address: 1325 Grand Ave Suite 7, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Price: $$
Attire: Casual
The owners of Earth, Eric, Keyla, Marie, Keren, Kelsy, and their partner Martin began a vegan lifestyle about four years ago. Their mission is to help the planet and encourage others to recycle, reuse, reduce, compost, and care about the planet. They are determined to prove that veganism is more than just eating grass. And after dining at Earth, I can confidently say this is true. Try the Crazy Shrimp Tacos, their signature, and most popular dish. And finish your meal off with a Monster Shake.

Giving Tree Cafe

Giving Tree Cafe, Crunch Wrap, Vegan, Phoenix
Address: 2024 N. 7th Street, #111, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Price: $$$
Attire: Casual
Giving Tree Cafe is more than a restaurant that serves vegan food. It is a place to relax, bring the family, join friends for some leisurely board and card games, or enjoy quiet time as a solo traveler. Games, tarot cards, and reading materials are readily available on the tables and sideboards, encouraging lingering over a meal or beverage. Once inside, the décor and live plants add to the peaceful ambiance. I knew I was in the right place when I saw what was prominently painted on the floor, “Welcome to a Space of Love.” It immediately put me at ease.

Goji Berry Cafe

Vegan mac and cheese, Goji Berry Cafe, Phoenix
Address: 1325 Grand Ave., Ste 8, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Price: $$
Attire: Casual
You are greeted by a cheerful and colorful atmosphere as you approach Goji Berry Café through the exterior hallway. Doily flags in all rainbow colors are strung on ropes and draped from the ceiling, creating a vibrant and festive ambiance. The mission of Goji Berry is to promote relaxation and enjoyment through plant-based, clean-eating recipes. Mocktails and refreshers are made with the cleanest ingredients to provide healthier options for everyone. The Goji Berry signature dish is the Mac & Cheese–unsurprisingly, their most popular on the menu. The Mac & Cheese was served piping hot in a cast iron skillet with crumbles and fresh parsley on top. The server brought it to the table on a wooden platter and cautioned me that it was extremely hot.

Green New American Vegetarian

Green New American Vegetarian, Sandwich, Vegan, Phoenix
Address: 2022 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85006
Price: $$
Attire: Casual
Located near the Arts District in Downtown Phoenix, Green New American Vegetarian features customers’ favorite foods made with 100% plant-based ingredients, mock meats, vegan cheeses, and organic when possible. The appetizer menu, called Bites, is designed for the diner to “add stuff.” Green New American Vegetarian offers Noodle Bowls, some with a spicy kick. You can make a Garden Burrito from a bowl of greens by adding a flour tortilla for $1. The Sides include soy-free fries, fried Brussels, and fresh fruit, with other plays on classic dishes.


Nami, Tsunami tSoynami, Vegan, Phoenix
Address: 2014 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Price: $$
Attire: Casual
Nami, meaning ‘wave’ in Japanese, is a delightful vegan dessert shop specializing in mouthwatering treats in Downtown Phoenix. Near the Arts District, Nami is great for breakfast, coffee, fine pastries, and soft serve. Nami specializes in tSoynami. If you haven’t heard of tSoynami, it is a 100% plant-based ice cream treat. It’s said to give you superpowers. I can’t verify that because I didn’t notice any discernable difference after eating the delectable indulgence. However, my sweet tooth was totally satisfied.

Vegan & Vine

Biscuits and Gravy with sweet potato fries, Vegan and Vine, Phoenix
Address: 502 E. Thunderbird Road, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Price: $$$
Attire: Casual
If you are looking for comfort food, brunch, shared plates, and some of the best vegan food in Phoenix, Arizona, don’t miss Vegan & Vine in the Moon Valley neighborhood of North Phoenix. The sign outside the front door stated: “Life is uncertain; eat dessert first.” I did just that. Before my meal arrived, Janelle placed a delectable, gooey, chewy chocolate chip cookie into my hand–to eat before my meal because life is uncertain. I had to keep reminding myself that this was plant-based, and it didn’t taste like cardboard. Because my favorite coffee beverage is a skinny vanilla latte, I ordered one made with almond milk. This cup of coffee was hot, flavorful, and satisfying–the best I’ve had in a restaurant.