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Christen Bevis 

Feb 07 2023
Ooh La La
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Date of Visit:
Jul 15 2022

23920 Westheimer Parkway Katy TX 77494




Ooh La La Dessert Boutique is your one-stop dessert shop for all of your sweet treat needs. 

Ooh La La
Pictured: Exterior

In Katy, Texas, Ooh La La Dessert Boutique (or just “Ooh La La,” as the locals say since it’s so popular everyone knows what it is by default) is a popular spot for families, business professionals, students, comfy hangouts, and more. Even though I’ve lived in the area for a while, I’d never been there until recently. 

I was in the mood for some sort of cake-like baked goods, and I actually intended to visit another store first that I usually go to. However, they were closed due to an electrical issue that day, so I was left Googling what other dessert places were nearby. It turns out Ooh La La was a lot closer than I thought, and since it had such great reviews and I’d heard about it for years, I decided to check it out. 

I’ll admit that I had seen so many people talk about Ooh La La before that I’d formed an image in my head of what the store looked like and what they sold. Frankly, I thought they just were a small store that only sold a few flavors of cupcakes. It turns out that I was very wrong.

Ooh La La
Pictured: Old Fashioned Cupcake

The first thing I noticed was how much larger the store was than I’d imagined. It was quite spacious, had plenty of windows, and had lots of seating and good lighting, perfect for doing work or catching up with friends. The second thing I noticed was their desserts. 

Ooh La La has their famous cupcakes on display right near the front door so that you see them immediately. Their cupcakes were not only larger than I thought, but they had a ton of flavors that I wasn’t expecting. In fact, they have a “flavor of the day” that changes based on the day of the week, so even though they do have a ton of flavors that don’t change, they have at least one or two new flavors every day. They also have a unique flavor that changes every month, so you’ll never be short on flavor options. 

Even if cupcakes aren’t your thing, they’ve got you covered. They have eclairs, huge slices of cake, cheesecake, cookies, and more. And not only that, but they also have a full coffee and tea menu for you to choose from so you can wash down your treats.   

Ooh La La
Pictured: Interior

Since Ooh La La is known for their cupcakes, and I’d always heard how delicious they are, I wanted to try one of them on my first visit. I decided to try what they dub an “old-fashioned cupcake,” which is yellow cake with chocolate icing. Honestly, I chose it because I liked the look of it, but all of their cupcakes were beautifully hand-decorated. The woman behind the counter was very complimentary and super friendly as she rang up my purchase.  

No matter what you buy, each of their desserts comes in a nice box, which makes them perfect for gifts. Even my small, individual cupcake came in its own box. This kept it steady on my way home. As for the cupcake itself, it was tasty. The icing was thick but not overwhelming, and the cake was ultra-moist. It had obviously been made from scratch, with no artificial flavors or frozen taste to it at all. I can’t wait to go back and try their other flavors, like the wedding cake and piña colada flavor.