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Mandi Mikasa

Mar 24 2023
Pink Taco
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Date of Visit:
Oct 02 2022

8225 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046





Serving tacos with an attitude at Pink Taco, since 1999.

Sunset Strip is known to have some of the best restaurants in West Hollywood, from steak houses to rooftop bars that serve tapas. One of my friend’s all-time favorite restaurants is Pink Taco, famous for their, well– you guessed it– pink tacos! Our recent visit was for her birthday, and we were able to score the private room to the left of the bar. I liked this little area because it was separate from the rest of the restaurant; however, we sometimes felt forgotten service-wise because we were so separated.  

Although parking on Sunset Strip is not ideal, Pink Taco, fortunately, has a parking lot right next door for $15, which in LA parking terms is not all that bad. From Sunset Blvd, the pink walls and famous “Pink Taco” sign are appealing to the eye, and the  trendy pop music playing inside is welcoming and the perfect energy-setter for the night. This spot offers both indoor and outdoor seating. It was a Sunday night, so it was not all that busy, but if you go Wednesday through Saturday there will definitely be a crowd. 

Since we were a group of 12, we ordered several orders of the chips and salsa. It came with three different types of salsas: salsa roja, salsa verde, and salsa picante. I enjoyed all three, but my favorite was definitely the salsa picante. I thought it was the perfect level of spice, even though some of my friends found it to be too spicy for their liking and tolerance. We all ordered very different things ranging from fajitas, to the tostada salad, to “elote loco,” and of course the pink tacos. My friend sitting next to me ordered the tostada salad which consisted of a crispy corn tortilla underneath romaine, cabbage, black beans, pico de gallo, corn relish, cotija cheese, avocado, and red pepper vinaigrette. It was a pretty large portion– definitely appropriate for sharing, so I stole a few bites from her plate. For my main course, I ordered the OG Pink Tacos which consist of chicken tinga, jack cheese, romaine, avocado, habanero pickled onions, and avocado salsa all in a pink-ish crispy corn tortilla. Three tacos come in each order, which was the perfect amount as Pink Taco doesn’t shy away from loading their tacos with their ingredients. chile de árbol. This rice was some of the best Mexican rice I have had in a while. One of my friends ordered the Elote Loco which was corn topped with chipotle mayo, cotija, takin, and lime, and she said it was some of the best corn she had ever had– especially with the seasoning. Some of my friends ordered the fajitas, both chicken and steak, which was served with sautéed peppers and onions, pico de gallo, chunky guacamole, and cream, with the choice of lettuce cups, corn, or flour tortillas. Both of my friends who ordered the fajitas said the ingredients were extremely flavorful and well-prepared, as well as the perfect amount of food. Previously I visited Pink Taco, 

The staff was pretty friendly for the most part, but like I mentioned, we felt kind of forgotten in our private room. The ambiance of Pink Taco is absolutely perfect for a girls night out, a fun Taco Tuesday outing, or like this, for a birthday dinner. Pink Taco is definitely on the pricier side for Mexican food in LA, but I think the quality of the food and the ambiance overall makes the pricing worth it. I will definitely be going back as it is an LA staple among my age group of people.